Wednesday, April 30, 2008

On Alex Jones Threatening to Sue... Everyone

Pat already mentioned this, but I thought this was bizarre enough to discuss in more detail. I find it ironic how the first thing they want to do is rely on the institutions they find so corrupt.

Jones: And again, Michele Malkin... I might just take the money and give it to you. She needs to be dragged into court. She needs to be in interrogatories. She needs to enjoy being deposed. Her lies need to be brought to justice! She wants to write books about how we all need to be put in camps. I have had enough of it! Fox News and that pack of criminals. I say pack of criminals, it is illegal and they take money for fake newscasts. It is illegal when they got Pentagon propaganda on their channels in backroom deals. All of Congress said it was illegal. Alright let's go back to Luke. Luke, instead of me ranting and raving, I should have asked you during the break. So how many different lawyers have contacted you?

Rudkowski: We have talked to 5 lawyers. Some of them are good, some of them are worth some money. But we are going to make this a huge deal no matter what. We are looking to countersue the New York Post, Hannity , Michele Malkin, everybody that slandered and libelled and is trying to destroy our name will be sued for their action.

Jones: I mean listen, you got to be sued when they say that you attacked a woman in a wheelchair viciously. Go ahead.

Rudkowski: It is ridiculous because it is accidental assault, assault 3, look at the police report, that is what the New York Post should have done is just look at the police report and seen exactly that. And the next day the father called the New York Post and said that we assaulted his daughter and then his daughter is on Hannity, and then Michelle Malkin is talking about, and then the Wall Street Journal libelled and slandered our name. This is disgusting, and we will stand for this, and we will
rise up.

Jones: You hear that, you are getting sued! Guaranteed. We're suing... some of these people. Understand that neo-cons. Hey go ahead and laugh over at the Free Republic. Go ahead and laugh. You are going to find out.

And then he rants on from there. I could type more, but I got a racquetball game with Robert Gates in a few...

The first point is how do you "countersue" all these people, when they have not sued you in the first place. Secondly, how do you sue people for merely honestly reporting what other people have said? Ironically they leave out the only people who they could theoretically have a serious case against, the family who said that their daughter was assaulted. Michelle Malkin did not create that claim.