Monday, May 12, 2008

Alex Jones and Tommy Chong: Still Smoking

This is the interview that I mentioned last week. Tommy Chong has been doing massive amounts of drugs for the last 30 years, so he has an excuse for his brain not working correctly, but what is Jones' excuse.

Here are the most bizzare excerpts:

Chong: Just like the facts of the firemen, why the firemen were saving each other, you know when they found a dead fireman, that only firemen were allowed to rescue the body. You know, and there is a book out there about that. Why that is. I won't even say on the air, why only firemen were allowed, but I want people to read for themselves. So Google or whatever you can whatever firemen were at the World Trade Center.

And then these two geniuses discuss military strategy:

Jones: Bush signed the order to invade Afghanistan the day before 9/11 and had two aircraft carriers and 44,000 US troops massed around Tajikistan Uzbeakistan [sic] to invade Afghanistan. You don't set up an invasion in one day.

Chong: No. That takes 6 months at least, and even longer.

I am just wondering how they got those aircraft carriers to "Uzbeakistan"....

Hilariously, Jones later compares Chong to that great Soviet dissident, "Shelzenitsya". Geez guy, if you are going to make ridiculously comparisons with Nobel prize winning authors, at least learn how to pronounce their names.

And to think they put these videos up because they think it makes them look good.

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