Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Ground Zeroes

(Lots of Profanity)

Been awhile since we've seen a long form video of what actually goes on at Ground Zero on a Saturday. Rosalee Grable holds court on the beam weapons, while a younger "Truther" talks about WTC 7 coming down in "freefall speed". Nico mentioned in the comments that at some point Paula Gloria shows up with a "Investigate Dan Wallace's Death" sign and gets some spittle from Sabrina Rivera for her efforts. I haven't hit that part yet.

Update: That part starts about 22 minutes in. It gets pretty good. For a woman who seems clearly deranged, the Web Fairy knows how to push the WAC-jobs' buttons. They should just ignore her. Rosalee shows the "Investigate Dan Wallace's Death" sign, but Paula gets hit by the spit.

LOL! At 31:25, one of the WAC-jobs comes up with the question we always ask the "Truthers", "Why don't you speak to a prosecutor? Why don't you get an attorney?"