Monday, May 19, 2008

Paula Gloria & Co on Howard Stern

Paula does an early hour with Stern and his crew, then returns with Nico Hitler, Web Fairy and others. I was amused at Stern's talking about how Paula has a "decent body" at 9:15 (definitely NSFW):

But even more odd is Paula's claim about 3:00 that she doesn't think the government is behind 9-11 and that we should support our government. I have to admit, that puts her in the extreme minority of 9-11 "Truthers".

You can see the complete YouTube set of Paula's appearance here.

The later show with Nico Hitler, and the Web Fairy is here; the debunker is somebody who disagrees with the 9-11 no-planer theories but likes the video mashups. Insert amazed smiley here.

In the second video, one of the no-planers talks about how the witnesses to the second plane strike saw the "fly-by" (2:45). Shades of CIT!