Saturday, May 17, 2008

Update from Gravy: Purported Flyover Witness Couldn't Have Seen It

The usual crack job of investigation (scroll down to bottom) by the CIT goofballs:

The witness had a clear view of flight 77's flight path towards the building, which he describes perfectly: a silver, commercial plane, about 50 feet high, by the light poles (which are at the cloverleaf).

It would have been impossible for him to have seen a "flyover," since the wall of the Pentagon towered more than 70 feet over him and the plane would have been on the opposite side of the building.

Incidentally Mark notes as follows:

By the way, had I known that David Ray Griffin was going to be a guest and would be given so much airtime, and that Ranke, Balsamo and Barrett would be given so little, I would have participated in the show.

That was my attitude as well, but as usual, Griffin did not take any questions from anybody other than the host, who lobbed beachballs towards the "Guru" of 9-11 "Truth". Has Griffin ever had to face a hostile interviewer?