Thursday, May 29, 2008

Richard Gage On Alex Jones

Troy mentioned there might be something worth listening to in old Foghorn's program today, so I thought I'd check it out. Hilariously, Gage is still citing Kevin McPadden's claim of the countdown and the explosions at the base of WTC 7, complete with the "Run for your life!" bit. But the fact remains that he also claims he was quite close to Amy Goodman, who did not have to run for her life. In my opionion, McPadden's one of the classic narcissists of the movement, who in the past have included Indira Singh and Richard Andrew Grove.

Gage talks about the growing numbers of A&E members. He mentions he'll be in Phoenix on June 28th (swell, I have to sit through the idiot's two-hour lecture in order to get in a line to ask him most likely one question). He also claims that thanks to Karen Johnson, he'll be giving a one-hour presentation to the other Republican state senators here. We'll see about that; I think I can make enough of a stink that he gets uninvited, or that at the very least the senators respectfully discover a more urgent appointment. Gage claims he plans to have 1000 Architects & Engineers on board by 9-11-08, which is dreaming; he has 395 according to his website and would need to add about six a day to get there.

Jones talks a bit about the crap he gets from debunkers. He says we have been making fun of the fact that Richard Gage's wife left him over his Trutherism. Actually as far as I know, that's the first I've heard that fact (excepting an hour or so ago when I read Troy mention it coming up on the show in the comments). Alex rants on how once they prove 9-11 was an inside job they're going to check the debunkers' bank accounts (privacy suddenly isn't important to Alex), and if we've taken money from the government, we're going to go to prison.

But I'm not going to laugh at Gage because his wife left him. That's why we do this, so that more Richard Gages won't break up their families over this crap. I've now heard of at least 4-5 divorces over Trutherism; one Truther memorably expressed happiness that his ex-wife died in a car crash so that he got custody of his kids back. Remember the kid whose dad held a box-cutter to his throat to show him how funny it was? Or the guy who couldn't get anybody to hang out by the barbecue with him because they knew he'd start in with the "Those coals remind me that fire's not hot enough to melt steel." Or the guy--Lucus?--who broke up with his girlfriend because he knew the feds were going to be after him after he released his video on Google? Yeah it sounds funny, but these are real lives being wasted in pursuit of a big nothing.

Later Alex begs for the people to send him money, so he can sue debunkers, not to win money from us, but to make us hire lawyers. It's called a nuisance lawsuit, Alex, and judges frown on that, especially when you admit it over the air. Gage then takes advantage of the opportunity to beg for funds himself, looking for more "sustaining members" at $10 a month. Such a deal!

Gage goes into his spiel about "freefall speeds" and "pulverized concrete" and "molten metal" and I admit to thinking uncharitably that his wife made a sound decision. She doesn't have to listen to this nonsense anymore and I do.

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