Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Stalkers for 9/11 Truth?

Troy posted this in the comments, and while I have not had time to investigate it further, I thought it interesting enough to merit its own post.

On the Architects and Engineers bio page it lists a retired architect named Ted Elden from Charleston, West Virgina.

His company website has further information on his identity, complete with the same photograph, admittedly a crappy photo for someone who claims to be a photographer, and notes his interest in 9/11.

This isn't the most interesting part though. From the West Virginia Record, December 6th, 2007:

WHEELING -- An Ohio County jury ruled that a Charleston wedding photographer stalked and harassed a Parkersburg couple for a year and half after their wedding.

John and Kerri Vickers were awarded a $550,000 verdict in their case against Ted Elden and his company Elden Associates on Nov. 28 by an Ohio Circuit Court jury. John Vickers' mother and stepfather, Jim and Connie Murray of Wheeling, also were involved in the case.

Christopher Regan, an attorney with Bordas & Bordas in Wheeling, said Elden mailed cut-up photo negatives to the Vickers and the Murrays as well as other members of their families.

"The circumstances were like nothing you've ever seen before," Regan said. "The harassment would not stop. There were 18 to 20 mailings."Regan said Elden also scribbled out the faces on photos and mailed shattered photo CDs to the plaintiff's homes.

"Several mailings by Elden were times to coincide with holidays such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day," Regan said. "One came just after the death of the bride's grandmother.

"The mailings continued despite repeated requests by the Vickers and the Murrays to Elden to stop sending vandalized pictures to their homes."

Geez, between the stalkers, cow killers, and people who assault women in wheel chairs, many more truthers are going to go to jail than the people they are claiming are behind the attacks.