Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Book Review: Firefight

Tim Sumner from 9/11 Families for America has posted a review of the recent book, Firefight: Inside the Battle to Save the Pentagon on 9/11.

In Firefight: Inside the Battle to Save the Pentagon on 9/11, authors Patrick Creed and Rick Newman slam you awake as to what happened there that day.

While many staggered through smoke, rising heat, and shockwave-strewn wreckage in search of an exit, it took the sheer valor of troops, civilians, and first responders to save the lives of hundreds — some died in the attempt. Firefighters from far and near came running, found a vortex of chaos, sucked rancid smoke, and fought the ‘big one’ fire of their careers. Even as carbon monoxide levels rose in the national command center, our nation’s senior military leadership refused to evacuate, the fire was spreading, and the entire Pentagon was at risk of burning down.

Pat Creed and Rick Newman described it all, as best as anyone could within 486 pages.

If you wish to learn more about the courage and tragedy of 9/11, buy their book.

I read it in one sitting.

I am still looking forward to reading the book when I get a chance. Meanwhile, over on 9/11 Blogger, it is still being ignored entirely.