Monday, June 02, 2008

Blair Gadsby Hunger Strike Part III

I listened to him on Cosmos' Truth Revolution Radio this evening. It's pretty clear that they're already angling for media coverage of any kind, and not an actual meeting with Senator McCain. Blair was saying things along the lines "I sure hope Senator McCain is not involved in the coverup,", which sounds like "But Brutus is an honorable man." Cosmos did his typical, "Wow, man, you are out there fighting for the Truth," routine. Blair said that he's purposely not reading emails and blog posts about him.

Here's his latest video. He's definitely sounding a little more crazy than the first day. But hey, if I hadn't had a cheeseburger in five days (at the time of the film) I might be a little uptight too.

Over at Truth Action, they post on a cop surveillance of Blair's action.

We can also report that we noticed our first official surveillance vehicle that seemingly tried to be covert, but was easy for us to spot simply because we are now quite familiar with our surroundings. We eventually approached the unmarked car and were met by a uniformed officer, badge ID – Montoya. He moved his ‘unmarked’ vehicle around to several different parking lots, but eventually disappeared.

Whew! I'll bet that was thrilling! Amazing how the cop didn't bust them under HR 1959 and send them to a FEMA death camp.