Sunday, June 08, 2008

Jon Gold's Other Video

I'm flabbergasted that Jon posted this video himself.

I guess he thinks Steve comes off poorly here, but of course to any sane person he comes off as a diligent member of the working press at what was billed as a press conference but became a pep rally. I am astounded that Jon, who I believe is Jewish, couldn't see what a favor Stephen and I did the Truthers by exposing the story of Eric William's involvement in the conference three weeks before it took place, so they could get rid of him. Instead, of course, they kept him on behind the scenes and even invited him up onto the stage the last night in a show of unity. (One video that I am sure will never be released; even Jon's not that stupid.)

The video turns into a Blair Gadsby tribute halfway through. Now who's associating Truthers with Holocaust Deniers?

The Truthers don't need debunking. All you have to do is shine a spotlight on them and they'll self-debunk.

Hat Tip: Walter Ego

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