Friday, June 06, 2008

Blair Gadsby: Time for An Intervention?

Alright, we had some fun with this when I first heard about it, talking about putting on a barbecue. But I confess I'm no longer amused:

He's down to 130 pounds? And yes, I met the guy, I can see it. He claims to be more lucid, but when I met him he was only hoping to hold out till the 11th. Now he's talking about another week, which would put us at Day 18. And yes, I see that as the kind of narcissism we expect from Truthers. Although he didn't make the Channel 12 news program I was on I have heard that he did appear on Channel 3 news the next day.

But this is exactly the sort of situation we're trying to prevent; somebody pissing his life away on a complete ball of nonsense. Believe me, this is why I've done several high school lectures over the last couple of years. We know that Richard Gage (among others) has lost his wife over this. We know that Steven Jones, Kevin Barrett and Judy Wood have effectively lost their jobs.

We know that Blair is married; I did not ask if he has any kids. He has been very fortunate with the weather; aside from a couple of days it has not been above 100 which is pretty unusual for June in Phoenix.