Friday, June 20, 2008

For Sheila Casey

She posts a photo of the Windsor Towers fire, then compares it to the North Tower picture of Edna Cintron, making the case that the North Tower Fire wasn't that bad. Here you go, Sheila:

Reading from left to right, the West Face and the South Face of the North Tower. When Flight 11 hit the North Face of the Tower (the side Edna was photographed on), the plane, debris, and jetfuel piled up at the south end of the building, where the fires were most intense. And, as we seldom tire of pointing out, the steel portion of the Windsor Towers did collapse (as the after photo shows). It was only the concrete core of the building that remained standing.

Update: Our buddy Henry62 points out this later image of Edna:

So apparently Edna had not reached a place of comfort, despite Sheila's claims. Yeesh, I despise these fruitcakes.

Taken from here. Warning: Extremely disturbing images at that site.

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