Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Truthers and Conspiracy Kooks on the Cesspool

I mentioned Jerome Corsi's appearance on the Political Cesspool, a white supremacist radio show. Oddly enough, when I listened to it, for the most part it was not about slamming Obama; rather it was about Corsi's rather weird theories about abiotic oil.

But I did some browsing through their guest list (no link because of the objectionable nature of their site), and a few names popped out at me:

Colonel Donn De Grand Pre - Author, Air Force Pilot, Chairman of A.F.P. Readership Council
Charles Goyette - Syndicated Radio Personality
Professor David Ray Griffin - Author, 9/11 Truth Expert
Karen Kwiatowski - Former Pentagon Insider
Dr. Stanley Monteith - Writer, Radio Host
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts - Syndicated Columnist, Former Secretary of the Treasury

All either "Truthers" or those cited by them, including the Great God Griffin himself. And that's in addition to charming folks like Willis Carto, David Duke and Prussian Blue.

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