Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Incomplete 9/11 Timeline

Some of our truther visitors have asked in the past why we don't talk about the "Complete 9/11 Timeline" more often, arguing that we "are afraid to debunk it". It is not that, it is just that I have never seen much point in posting about a site which has very little original content, but is just a bunch of links to other sites. Seems rather derivative if you ask me, not really much to talk about.

I noticed an interesting aspect to this though in a recent post on 9/11 Blogger which points to the aforementioned Timeline. Using it as a source, it points out that the book Firefight, which I have mentioned numerous times, has a bit in it about a mysterious assistant who helped during the cleanup:

"Johnny" - Arlington firefighter Bob Gray is introduced by his colleague Bobby Beer to a man wearing a hard hat. Beer introduces the man only as "Johnny," and adds, "He's our go-between with PenRen [the Pentagon Renovation Program], and he knows some of the military guys too." Although "Johnny" is not wearing any identifying badge or ID, he seems knowledgeable, appears "taut and serious, with a purposeful military stance," and even introduces Gray and Beer to a couple of friends of his who say they work for Special Forces. Johnny says if Gray and Beer need anything from the military, he can help. As a security perimeter has now been set up around the crash site, Gray assumes Johnny must be there officially. [Creed and Newman, 2008, pp. 367-368]

The implication being that they were there to plant evidence or for some other nefarious reason. There are, of course, numerous other more plausible reasons, but I don't even want to get into that silliness for now, the more interesting aspect is that they are citing Firefight, and at numerous parts of the book, indicating one of the truthers actually read it.

So given this, and the fact that "truthers" claim that they are pursuing "truth", this is called the "complete" 9/11 Timeline after all, then one would logically expect to find dozens of other references from this 500+ page work, which involved the interview of over 150 first responders, and had scores of bits of information indicating a plane hit the Pentagon, including descriptions of bodies still belted into their seats and airplane engines embedded in concrete columns. All items which all but the most hard core fantasist would have to admit is evidence beyond the capability of even several "fake firemen".

But alas, I was disappointed, none of this was there. Other than the bits on the fake fireman the only reference to the book was the discussion of when they found the black box, and then only in the context of arguing that there were some discrepancies as to who found it.

So much for being "honest truthseekers".

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