Thursday, October 30, 2008

Naomi Wolf Coddles the Troofers

She claims that the 9-11 Commission Members disavowed their own conclusions; this is a fruitcake misreading of the NY Times Op-Ed by Kean and Hamilton. In fact, Kean and Hamilton incorporated the criticism voiced in that OpEd, in the actual 9-11 Commission Report, as they noted:

As a result of this January meeting, the C.I.A. agreed to pose some of our questions to detainees and report back to us. The commission concluded this was all the administration could give us. But the commission never felt that its earlier questions had been satisfactorily answered. So the public would be aware of our concerns, we highlighted our caveats on page 146 in the commission report.

If Obama is indeed elected next Tuesday, I hope that everybody remembers afterwards that just last year, Naomi was claiming that fascism was coming to America.

You know, those fascist dictators that allow the opposition to win an election are pretty rare.