Monday, October 27, 2008

Still Moron Richard Falk

The Troofer who was appointed by the UN to monitor the Israeli-Palestinian situation gets some attention from Front Page. Sounds like quite the "one-worlder":

Falk is a strong advocate for “world government” and “global law.” The United Nations General Assembly, in his view, does not have enough power to legislate and enforce its decisions. He suggests the possibility of forming a Global Parliament, either operating as a subsidiary organ of the UN General Assembly or taking some more autonomous character within the UN system.” He has recommended consideration of “allowing persons outside the United States to challenge policy affecting their wellbeing by way of binding referenda or even by casting votes in national elections held within the United States.”

Trooferism does indeed make strange bedfellows; what are the odds that Alex "National sovereignty will prevail" Jones and David Ray "Nation states are obsolete" Griffin would find themselves between the sheets together?