Monday, October 20, 2008

Troofer Academic Standards

The troofers are all excited that the Journal of Engineering Mechanics published an exchange between structural engineering professor Zdenek Bazant and troofer lawyer James Gourley. No, that doesn't make sense to me either. I haven't read through it carefully yet, so I will reserve comments on the merit, although Bazan't disdain for the knowledge of his critic is quite clear, but even more hilarious are the comments of Steven Jones on this over at 9/11 Blogger.

Good work, James... Note that Bazant...
takes a swipe at me by name in his response paper (response to James Gourley) -- for example, he refers to Steven E. Jones as an "Associate Professor". If you look at my web pages at BYU (still available), you will note that I'm a Full Professor of Physics... (Moreover, I accepted early retirement as a Full Professor.)

Further, Bazant failed to reference the paper on 9/11 research he mentions as co-authored by Jones, so one has no opportunity to view what paper he is talking about... which should not have been allowed in a peer-reviewed paper.

Nor did he reference my work on "cold fusion", which he mentions without citation. Perhaps he meant my paper in Scientific American, July 1987, entitled "COLD NUCLEAR FUSION." Yes, Scientific American... you may wish to check it out.

These errors by Dr. Bazant in his latest paper in the Journal of Engineering Mechanics -- which I have specifically identified here-- should not appear in a scholarly paper and should be corrected.

Dude, you should be the last person complaining about the high standards of papers in "academic" journals.

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