Monday, October 13, 2008

DRG Defends Himself, uhh... Sort Of

David Ray Griffin takes offense at the fact that I posted part of his e-mail in my review of his new book at Amazon. Well, OK, maybe I was being a bit mean, but if you make hundreds of thousands of dollars running around the world slandering your country, and the worst thing that happens is someone posts an embarassing admission about your work from your e-mail, you are getting off lightly.

In any case he posts the rest of the e-mail, in which I am even ruder. Hey, I never said I was a nice person. Then he tries to defend himself. Apparently it is not that he is dishonest, he just doesn't bother to check his sources. I am not kidding here!

My point, I thought I made clear, was that although I had not been "intentionally misleading," I had been careless. (I had quoted those statements from secondary sources---three of them from Thierry Meyssan's "Pentagate"---without looking them up for myself to read them in context. Also, when I wrote the passage 12 pages later about people "claiming to have seen a missile or small military plane," I failed to realize that the people I had quoted did not specifically claim to have "seen" such a thing but had merely said they thought---as I then falsely believed---that it was either a missile or a small plane.