Monday, December 22, 2008

Dumbest Troofer Ever?

Obviously there's quite a bit of competition for that honor; after all, we've got Spooked911 who proved that kerosene and a newspaper burning could not bring down a piece of rabbit fencing, and Killclown, who thought he saw the numbers 9 and 11 in the smoke at the WTC (because the New World Order places clues like that in grainy videos to drive Troofers nuts), but Tweeter over at JREF is making a strong case. Looking at the martyrdom/will videos of the hijackers, he spots a flaw:

These are the hijackers???
Why are there pictures of the wtc exploding in the background of some of the "hijackers" video wills?

And when it's pointed out that the pictures of the WTC exploding were added later, he asks:

Some of these videos wills were taken after 911, obviously. Proof? A few of them say they are attacking because we are invading Muslim lands. I dont remember our forces invading till after 911, do you?

Sweet mother of mercy! There are pieces of dog poop in the yard that are smarter than Tweeter.

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