Friday, December 19, 2008

They Did It With Electromagnets

The latest theory from the controlled demolition fruitcakes:

Hour 2: Geophysicist Leuren Moret presents information that she believes constitutes proof of the electromagnetic demolition of the Twin Towers, rather than explosives having been used as the means. Unfortunately, time runs out before a discussion can ensue about the points brought up, either with callers or with the show's host (also creator of the popular film "911 Mysteries," which many consider to be the definitive video on the WTC destruction). Could HAARP conceivably be the singular energy source for the "emulsion of dust" created from the robust steel-framed Twins?

You know how it is; we'll be castigated for highlighting this bit of nuttery. "No true Truther believes, etc." But this theory does have an advantage over conventional controlled demolition theories. CD requires extremely loud explosions; presumably CD with electromagnets would be comparatively quiet. Of course, this just substitutes one problem for another; to wit, how exactly do you bring down a building with electromagnets, and what sort of power source would it require.

I have to sympathize with Sofia a bit in this interview; Leuren Moret blathers on and doesn't let Sofia pin her down, insisting that she must finish. The best bit is when Leuren starts talking about the Minneapolis bridge collapse, which was apparently intended to distract people from the Madison conference of the no-planers and beam-weapon folks which happened at nearly the same time. Sofia finally loses it at this point, saying that she doesn't want to get into the bridge collapse that she wants to stick to the WTC. There's also a very odd bit about how they were "lathering up" the buildings to prepare them for this beam weapon.

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