Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Further Doings With the WAC-Jobs

Some dude named Jim Stachowiak gets expellled from the WAC-Georgia leadership:

More of them arguing:

Apparently he was booted out of WAC for psychotic behavior. Isn't that sort of a requirement rather than a disqualifier? He mentions that he's going to bring up We Are Change's support for socialism, which is not exactly news around these parts.

More discussion of Stachowiak from NAU fruitcake Jerome Corsi:

Organizer Jim Stachowiak of Freedom Fighter Radio explained that a 9 mm gunshot round was fired into his suburban home Saturday at about 5:40 a.m. on the day of the marches.

Stachowiak apparently puts his life on the line every day for the troof:

One Graham supporter was so enraged witness’s claim she aimed her silver G35 Infinity at Stachowiak and his group. Fortunately Stachowiak was able to get his friend seen in the video out of the path of the vehicle but he was slightly grazed as the car passed.

Here's a video they shot after the near miss:

Hat Tip: Walter Ego

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