Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Marie Claire Was an Inside Job!

The original article is not news, since Pat posted on it over 2 weeks ago, but the all too predictable troofer reaction to this is hilarious over at 911 Blogger nutbar headquarters:

On a side note, I might as well add: As a single 30-year-old guy who occasionally feels frustration over not being in a relationship right now, I'm actually happy to have come across this column, because it reminds me of one truism: "Better to be alone than in bad company!" I'll be happy to be single for a little while longer, knowing that when I do settle with someone it'll be someone of a much more open mind than the woman who wrote this piece of trash column.


you aren't alone in your frustration but you are quite correct. I am happy to stay single until I find someone with an equally open mind.


one of the most difficult relationship challenges i've ever experienced.

Her story reminds me of two patients who thought their boy-friend / husband was going insane when they started saying things like “Al-Qaeda is just a pet-false-flag-project of Western intelligence”. Both of them left their boy-friend / spouse around 2003 – 2004, and now, as it begins to dawn on them that their men were quite a bit closer to the truth than the bulk of the main-stream media, they regret having had senseless quarrels over these issues, and having wrongly judged the values and sanity of their ex-men. Both are alone now, and not any happier, struggling as lone parents.

I doubt this really happened to her (if the author is even really a "her"). It's a conditioning piece, and a good find. Marie Claire- the Popular Mechanics for the ladies, LOL.

I agree with lakezoarian. It is a hitpiece.

Marie Claire is handled in the US by Hearst Corporation.

This article has a distinct ring of inauthenticity. It's a propaganda piece and a nasty one.

Target audience: "strong" women ("Gloria Steinem collection") and their potential male companions.

It threatens the indirect male demographic with "alienation of affection" if they persist in their 9/11 activism, beyond the stock psycho-social marginalization--"regain his senses", "nuts", "insane"--and caricatures of the obsessive, paranoid "conspiracy theorist"--"mutter", "rambling diatribes", "stayed up until dawn", "accused me of betraying him".

Most truth activists belie these stereotypes.

Is it likely that a strong, intelligent woman who was attracted to a man with a "penchant for questioning everything in his path", who had "attended weekly 'truth meetings'" would not have developed some questions of her own?

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