Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sole Remaining Employed Troofer Loses His Job

The French Defence Minister takes the right approach:

Aymeric Chauprade lost his job allegedly over the introduction to his latest book about political crises around the world, and more specifically, that the 9/11 attacks in New York City and Washington D.C. were an orchestrated "American-Israeli conspiracy". The Defence Minister had strong objections to the material, so Aymeric had to go.

When last contacted, Chauprade blamed the Zionists in France for his sacking, and was determined to sue from the comfort of his mother's basement.

Overly sympathetic news report from the Russians describing him as a "victim" of the "9-11 taboo":

Note the curious defense offered by his lawyer: "He only wrote it; it's not what he really thinks."

More discussion here. It appears that the lawyer's excuse is pretty thin:

Having read the chapter in question, the first one in the book, the author of this blog (meaning Secret Defense) can attest that the conspiracy theories are presented with a great deal of acceptance and especially that the author knowingly omits the other version of the facts, that he calls the "official version," as well as the criticisms of the conspiracy theories.

Update: As commenter 9-11 Real Truth points out, Aymeric should learn this simple, magical phrase:

Vous aiment des fritures avec cela?


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