Monday, June 29, 2009

Drunk Spies for 9/11 Truth?

For pure entertainment value, here is the espionage fantasies of a 9/11 Blogger poster:

I have had the honor of knowing people from the intelligence community, and in law enforcement. Theirs’ is a unique set of ideals, humor, and thought process. I am also keenly aware that alcoholism runs rampant in the intelligence community, due to the trappedness many of them feel. Once you’ve taken the bait, and entered FBI or CIA, there is no getting out. You know too much, and when stuck with this reality, alcohol seems to help one escape.

Doesn't seem to have much respect for the people he claims to want the support of. He continues with this familiar theme:

For some years, now, I have seen the operatives at work on the websites. It surely must be getting old to them, too, this daily lolling battle. Sometimes, reading their overall actions, there is a small note of not really believing in this. After all; who is this fight benefiting? Your higher-ups? What does it do for them? The compartmentalization of both people and agendas can never be a satisfying existence. And taken to its logical conclusion, it doesn’t benefit humanity in the long run. The days of good-guys/bad-guys have lost a lot of glimmer, and to many, no longer makes any sense. To have the courage to squarely see what the higher-ups are doing is what made you the agent you are.

Because of course everyone who blogs or comments on the truth movement on the Internet must be a government agent.

I will comment more on this issue as soon as I finish this bottle of Jack Daniels and get permission from my case officer