Monday, August 31, 2009

Fire Can't Melt Steel

Watching the National Geographic special now. They rigged up a steel beam across a pit filled with jet fuel. It reached over 2000 degrees and collapsed in just 3 minutes and 50 seconds. Both David Ray Griffin and Richard Gage proclaimed that was meaningless. Uhh, what was this we have been hearing about how no fires were over 350 degrees? Fire can't melt steel!

And the smoke was black, it was obviously oxygen deprived and going out.

More later....

Update 1: Next laugh out loud moment, they use 150lbs of thermite and can't melt a simple beam, so David Ray Griffin whines because the NatGeo people switch between thermite and nano-thermite. Hello, you guys perfected that technique. There was molten steel, that proves thermite! But thermite isn't used in building demolition. That is because it was explosive super-thermite! But there weren't sounds of demolitions... That is because they used thermite which is not explosive....

Update 2: Heh, Richard Gage complains about an experiment where they fire a projectile into a mock Pentagon, complaining that they didn't scale down the speed of the projectile. I am sorry, the last person to complain about scaling issues should be box boy.


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