Monday, August 31, 2009

Barrett: Still Digging

Still unable to admit that the Holocaust happened:

1. Do you believe that the holocaust happened?

Which holocaust? I think it is utterly bizarre that only one of the many holocausts, the killing of a large number of Jews by the Nazis during World War II, has become THE Holocaust, an object of worship and sacred narrative (myth). It is even more bizarre that this sacred narrative's main purpose is to justify the ongoing holocaust in Palestine.

So yes, I do believe that the holocaust in Palestine that your tax dollars are paying for happened, and continues to happen, and will continue to happen until we decide to stop this holocaust that WE are perpetrating, rather than making a fetish out of one perpetrated by our enemies more than sixty years ago. And I believe that the Palestinian holocaust has been made possible by the creation of a sacred narrative about Nazis killing Jews during World War II. While I do believe that Nazis killed a large numbers of Jews during World War II -- I have not studied the issue enough to know how many were killed under what circumstances -- I do not understand why this story has become sacred, nor do I understand why it is used to justify the ongoing holocaust in Palestine. After all, it was Germans, not Palestinians, who killed Jews during World War II.

Remember, when Holocaust Deniers are asked about the Holocaust, the classic dodge is to talk about "other" holocausts; Christopher Bollyn wanted to talk about the fire-bombing of Dresden.

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