Monday, August 03, 2009

Still Moron NYC-CAN

David Ray Grifter offers his endorsement and shakes the cup for NYC-CAN. I almost doubled up with laughter at this bit:

Having anticipated that this would happen---that no matter how many signatures it submitted, the city clerk would declare a sufficient number of them invalid to prevent the 30,000 number from being reached---NYC CAN was prepared to go to court, if necessary.

NYC CAN will go to court this Monday, August 3, for its first hearing. But its formal plaintiffs---four 9/11 family members and one survivor---are proceeding without the aid of an experienced election lawyer.

Heh, they were prepared to go to court if necessary. "Okay, are we all set? Clown car, check! Two-dollar suit from Salvation Army, check. Signs saying '9-11 Was An Inside Job', check. Lawyer? Oh, crap, who forgot to hire the lawyer?"

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