Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Still Moron the Terror Timeline

Jon Gold corrects me over at Flogger (not linking those jerks any more):

In the comments of this article, a lying "debunker" states, "don't trust the Terror Timeline; it's a wiki-style effort that can be edited by anyone and is thus contaminated with 'Trutherism'."

According to Kevin Fenton, a contributor of the Terror Timeline, "anybody can certainly register and attempt to edit it, but the edits aren't displayed to the public until they are approved by the editors, which is a significant difference with Wikipedia."

Of course, this just makes things worse, as it means some editor over there approved some of the changes I have pointed out in the past.

But even more hilariously, one of the commenters over at Flogger claims:

Hey Jon,

Is the Complete 9/11 Timeline part of Paul Thompson's work? And If im not mistaken, Paul Thompson supports the governments OCT.

Jon quickly retorts:

Paul Thompson DOES NOT support the "official story." He never has, and that is something that people who try to discredit him say.

Of course, in the real world, saying that somebody supports the official story does not discredit them. It's only that way in the idiot troofer world.

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