Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Waterboy Starts Theorizing...

And promptly shows why that's rapidly becoming a no-no in the movement. Kevin Ryan, having established to his satisfaction that super-duper nanothermite was used to bring down the World Trade Center starts casting about for suspects. In Part I, he blamed the victims, looking specifically at the tenants near the impact zones. Now in Part II he takes up the security firms employed at the WTC.

Approximately fifty people were named in the review of the WTC tenants and their possible links to explosive technology and expertise. Of course this assessment was not meant to suggest that all of those people were involved in planting explosives in the WTC buildings, but it merely answered the question of whether or not those who had the necessary access to the buildings, at the appropriate times, might have also had access to the necessary technologies. But it is worthwhile to note that, even if all of those fifty people were involved, we would still be well below the lowest estimates of the extent of the Al Qaeda organization. Therefore, the common claim made by those opposing any further questioning of 9/11 -- that any conspiracy involving insiders would have had to be too vast and could not be kept secret -- is not supported by the facts. In actuality, as we will continue to see in this series of essays, the hypothesis of insiders being involved remains a simpler explanation than the “outsider only” hypothesis in terms of the complexity of the conspiracy, in addition to being far more feasible logistically.

Now that is fatheaded even for the Waterboy. See, it would only take 50 people inside the World Trade Center to be responsible for the controlled demolition, and that's smaller than Al Qaeda, so it's totally believable. As are unicorns and leprechauns in Kevin Ryan's world. Never mind of course that you still have to have hijackers to fly the planes into the buildings. Never mind that the whole "they flew the planes into the buildings and then used controlled demolition to destroy the buildings" never made any sense anyway.

Ryan tries to put together a case from the flimsiest of evidence. For example, he notes:

Alan Reiss was the PANYNJ’s World Trade Center Director, and as such was considered “mayor” of the WTC. [24] Reiss was employed at the WTC since 1984, working on building systems, the engineering and capital program, and eventually helping to secure major leases for tenants like Banker’s Trust and Fuji Bank. In 1988, he was promoted to the position of the World Trade Center’s supervising engineer, in charge of the complex’s major systems. He was later promoted to Special Assistant to the Director, and eventually, WTC Director.


Many senior managers at the PANYNJ who had knowledge of the buildings died on 9/11 trying to help others escape, [31] but Reiss survived. In his testimony to the 9/11 Commission, Reiss stated -- “We were stunned when 2 WTC was also hit by a plane. The police officers and I rushed to the rear emergency exit and looked up at the tower and realized we were at war…At the Port Authority Police’s request, I then returned to the vicinity of 6 World Trade Center to assess the condition of One World Trade Center with then-Captain Whitaker, commander of the PA Police at the WTC, just as the tower began to collapse. We were both enveloped by this churning black debris cloud as we ran north on West Street. It was darker than any burning building I have ever been in as a volunteer fireman, and it was next to impossible to breathe due to the debris in the air.”

One problem with Reiss’ testimony is that people who had been “enveloped by [the] churning black debris cloud” were completely covered in dust. [32] But Alan Reiss, who is said to have narrowly escaped the 1993 bombing as well, did not appear to have any dust or debris on him despite having been covered by the dust clouds. An interview with Reiss just moments after the destruction of the towers, in which Reiss’ police escort turned his back on Reiss and appeared unusually uncomfortable, demonstrated this fact. [33]

Here's the interview in question:

It's edited by some idiot Troofer, so ignore the subtitles. Reiss's "police escort" (in fact the Chief of Police of the WTC) does indeed turn his back on Reiss. Why? Because he's being interviewed by a TV reporter who's closer to him than to Reiss. Does he appear "uncomfortable"? Gee, that couldn't possibly have something to do with the events he'd been through that day, combined with normal discomfort in being on live television? Do the Chief and Reiss both seem not very dusty? Well, it's clear that the interview is taking place after the dust has settled; is it too much to suggest that perhaps they shook the dust off their clothes and washed their faces?

You know what this really is? It's 100% comparable to the idiots who are "researching" whether Ron Breitweiser (Kristen's husband) really existed. Read some of the footnotes the Waterboy uses; they contain the usual inanities from the Troofers like this:

Securacom had a small board of directors that included James Abrahamson, of the White House Commission on Aviation Security as mentioned above, Marvin Bush, the brother of George W. Bush, and Wirt Walker III, a cousin of the Bush brothers.

Marvin Bush was not on the board of Securacom after June of 2000. And nobody has ever presented evidence that Wirt Walker III is former President Bush's cousin; this is one of those stupid things Troofers just assume is true.

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