Sunday, May 21, 2006

More Of Those Damn Inconvenient Witnesses

One sign of how far out in left field this movie is, is that even most of the 9/11 conspiracy theorists don't believe the theory that United 93 didn't crash in Pennsylvania. One thing the filmmakers forget is there were eyewitnesses to the event. But don't forget, in conspiracy theory logic, any eyewitness that contradicts your view, is inherently unreliable.

"It dropped out of the clouds," too low for a commercial flight, Butler said. The plane rose slightly, trying to gain altitude, then "it just went flip to the right and then straight down."

He radioed back to his office, telling coworkers Homer Barron, 49, and Jeff Phillips, 30, what he had seen.

"I told them a plane crashed. At first they didn't believe it, because you know, we do joke around."

Then Barron saw smoke and called 911.

The plane came down on farmland reclaimed from a coal-mining operation. Barron and Phillips drove to the crash scene and found a smoky hole in the ground. A few firefighters had already begun pouring water onto the debris.


At 22 May, 2006 08:31, Blogger Alex said...

If he yelled BANZAI! it certainly would make him Japanese.

You're denser than lead Joan. You really think the government put a white CIA dude in the cockpit, and said "drive this plane into the ground, and yell Alluh Ackbar while doing it"? You're losing it babe.

At 22 May, 2006 10:43, Blogger nes718 said...

Allah Ackbar is something arabs say. Deal with it.

Could be Zionists intentionally saying to implicate Arabs. Please note, a lot of Zionist Mossad are fluent in Arab.

They have been implicated many times trying to frame Arabs.

At 22 May, 2006 12:43, Blogger Chad Chandler said...

"But don't forget, in conspiracy theory logic, any eyewitness that contradicts your view, is inherently unreliable."

According to the CT's, not only are witnesses unreliable, but they have all be threatened by men in black suite and sunglasses that they'll be killed if they talk about "the conspiracy."

Maybe the CT's are right, and all of the passengers from flight 93 are safe in Boulder Mountain along with Elvis Presley, Osama bin Laden, Super Secret Undercover Agent Valerie Plame and St. Germaine.

These conspiracy freaks really crack me up.


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