Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Moron the Extra Footage Video

If you thought Loose Change was smarmy and exploitative, you should check out the Extra Footage Video. I already highlighted the part with Paul Isaac, Jr., our hero.

But afterward (11:21) check out the section where our lying buddy (who sure looks a lot like Jason Bermas to me) goes into his spiel:

"Maybe if we're Vietnam veterans, we shouldn't tell them what happened at the Gulf of Tonkin. Maybe we should go along with the official version."

Later, some older moron chimes in with (11:42):

"The same people who killed Kennedy did this."

Then at 11:53 we get an obvious jump to focus on two black men listening to somebody (I assume Bermas) rambling on with the usual nonsense about Prescott Bush and the Nazis. He mentions Averill Harriman (but forgets to mention that he was a Democrat who went on to become Governor of New York); it's the usual cark. I looked into it long ago and as best I can remember some steel magnate who resisted Hitler and was under house arrest in WWII had transfered funds out of the country and somehow laundered it by buying a bank in Belgium which then bought a bank in New York which somehow Prescott Bush was involved in. This of course becomes Prescott Bush, banker for the Nazis in the paranoid crowd. Hilariously, while comparing the current president to Hitler, Jason's unable to remember (12:10) which countries Hitler took over--"What's the other one--Poland and..." (snaps his fingers). So now Poland is Afghanistan and the other one--you know, is the other other one. Um, Iraq!

He goes on with the shockbomb about Marvin Bush being "the head of security" at the WTC. Actually, Marvin Bush (the unknown Bush brother) was a director of a company that provided security at the World Trade Center. If you know anything about big businesses, you know that directors have almost nothing to do with day-to-day operations of a company. They are the people who sit in boardrooms and discuss agendas and generally function as the shareholders' watch over management (not always successfully of course). The notion that Marvin Bush, who had left Securatec at the end of fiscal 2000 (at least 9 months and probably more before 9-11) had anything to do with the actual security provided by that company at the WTC is just naive. At 13:24 he raves on about how Marvin Bush's last day was supposedly 9-10, which is laughable.

I believe this comes from an overly dramatic passage in a Barbara Bush memoir that describes the company that Marvin was a director of as providing security up till 9-11, by which she of course meant that the contract was cancelled due to the lack of a need. I'm sure if Jason looks into it he can find that a janitorial contract, a water contract, a landscaping contract, a garbage hauling contract and lots of other contracts were cancelled that day as well.

But yet after all this usual nutbar left stuff, Bermas (I assume) still claims (14:07):

This is not a right or left issue. Okay? I'm not conservative or liberal.

No, you're just a complete wacko leftist, and it absolutely is a leftist issue.


At 11 May, 2006 01:18, Blogger James B. said...

"He took over two sovereign nations, Poland and uh... what's the other one?"

Is he talking about Prescott Bush or Hitler? Regardless he is a moron in either case.

My God these people are stupid.

At 11 May, 2006 04:49, Blogger telescopemerc said...

TC, Griffin's playing the same game as the Loose Change crowd. Selective Quoting, assuming more than his knowledge allows, and outright lying. Just because his politcal group welds the word 'Scholars' in front of their little conspiracy fest does not make their claims any more palatable.

For example: " Photographs of the towers 15 minutes after they were struck show few flames and lots of black smoke, a sign that the fires were oxygen-starved. "

Black smoke is never an indication that a fire is 'oxygen starved'. Smolder some pine-wood so that it is gasping for oxygen and you'l get bursts of white smoke, not black. Take some plastic toys and burn them in the driveway (where there is plenty of air) and you'll see lots of black smoke. Set a car on fire on a freeway, and the smoke coming out will be very, very black.

These are mistakes and false assumptions. Griffin makes as many, if not more than LC.

I know that given that you wrote "Don't get your hopes up because you can't do it. " means that you've pretty much put your lot in with the CT cultists, but at least my comments might show some that we are not avoiding the nonsense. In fact, if you go read the conspiracy section of the, you'll see much of Griffin's nonsense is debunked.

At 11 May, 2006 08:17, Blogger James B. said...

No, the point is this people have no concept of history, they are just spouting a bunch of talking points they don't understand. If he was talking about Bush, he did not take over two sovereign nations. If he was talking about Hitler, he took over a whole hell of a lot more than two nations. You could devote an entire website to the errors and dishonesties in just this extra footage video.

At 11 May, 2006 09:08, Blogger Pat said...

Paul, fiscal 2000 means that the fiscal year ended sometime in 2000. It is short for "the fiscal year ending XX/XX/2000". If the fiscal year ended 4/30/01 it would be referred to as fiscal 2001; they don't do it by which calendar year most of the fiscal year fell in.

Truth Commission, we're not about to tackle every conspiracy theory under the sun. Inevitably we will have to cover parts of Griffin's analysis in order to rebut LC. But there is a limit to our ability to handle complex questions about building design and construction. I can point to the argument in Popular Mechanics about the unusual construction of WTC 7, but I can't really get into the mechanical engineering required to really understand what's right or wrong about that argument.

At 11 May, 2006 10:14, Blogger faustus1500 said...

Its funny how many liberal that attack bash the Bush family for Prescott being on a board with Nazi forget about Joseph Kennedy and his desire to side with Nazi Germany.

At 11 May, 2006 16:10, Blogger Realist06 said...

It's not a freaking liberal/conservative thing! Or a left/right thing or a republican/deomcrat thing! That false paradigm stuff is made for TV programs like O'Reilly or Chris Mathews! Jesus!

1. Starting out by calling people "morons" doesn't really help your case. In fact, name-calling is a tactic used by the weak.

2. You scoff at the idea of Prescott Bush being tied to the Nazi's, but this is public information. Prescott Bush helped fund Hitler's rise to power. Show me this is not true.

3. Because Joseph Kennedy wanted to side with the Nazi's, does this make it okay for Prescott Bush? What kind of logic is that?

At 11 May, 2006 18:44, Blogger Pat said...

"It's not a freaking liberal/conservative thing! Or a left/right thing or a republican/deomcrat thing! That false paradigm stuff is made for TV programs like O'Reilly or Chris Mathews! Jesus!"

That's what the far left always says. And I'm not going to play nice on the moron thing; these guys are stupid and smarmy and they are hurting innocent people with their campaign to bring down Bush.

I've no interest in discussing the Prescott Bush/Nazi connection further. It's a stupid little story for leftists to wank off to, just as the far right masturbated to fantasies that the Clintons had Vincent Foster killed. Both moronic (there's that word again) stories that have nothing to do with the present.

And yes, the Kennedy Nazi connection is also irrelevant

At 12 May, 2006 08:56, Blogger Realist06 said...

So which is it?
Am I in the "far left"

Or am I an "extremist right winger"?

This is laughable.

You guys have no idea what you're talking about so you must label me and call me names.

How about a discussion of the facts? Or might that bring down the whole "screw loose change" fantasy?

At 01 July, 2006 03:57, Blogger LifeTrek said...

Okay, so at the end he is trying to convince that woman that it was CD. He says it would take months and months to wire the explosives - but weren't the bomb sniffing dogs pulled out only two weeks before?

Why can't they make up their minds?


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