Monday, May 08, 2006

Those Darn Lampposts

There are a lot of strange moments in this movie, but this one ranks at the top. Loose Change states the following:

Second [actually third], the light poles. On November 22nd, 2004, a private jet en route to Houston to pick up George Bush Senior clipped a single light pole and crashed a minute away from landing at Houston's Hobby Airport. The wing ripped off upon impact, scattering debris over 100 yards.

And yet, Flight 77 managed to tear 5 light poles completely out of the ground, without damaging either the wings or light poles themselves. Instead, they seem to have just popped out of the ground.

First, the private jet which crashed was a Gulfstream G-1159A, which has a maximum weight of 41,500 lbs. Compare that to a 757, with a maximum take off weight of 272,000 lbs, and you can see how this is not a very logical comparison.

To make this comparison would be, relatively speaking, the same as comparing the crash of a Honda Civic, at 2592 lbs...

With that of an uparmored HMMWV, weighing in at over 12,000 lbs.

As someone who has driven both, I would have to say, go with the Humvee.

The claim about there not being damage, is just plain ridiculous. The plane crashed half a second later, how would you check for damage to the wings anyway? They never explained what did knock the lamp poles out of the ground. Certainly not a cruise missile. Did the lamppost fairy just leave them there?

This is, of course ignoring the fact that people saw the plane hit the lampposts.

Afework Hagos, a computer programmer, was on his way to work but stuck in a
traffic jam near the Pentagon when the plane flew over. "There was a huge screaming noise and I got out of the car as the plane came over. Everybody was running away in different directions. It was tilting its wings up and down like it was trying to balance. It hit some lampposts on the way in."

And finally, in an amazing display of Attention Deficit Disorder, they claim just a minute later in the film:

The second piece of debris was alegedly a piece of the fuselage. Skeptics have claimed that this is proof that Flight 77 hit the pentagon. But this piece could have come from any American Airlines plane. And why is it not singed or scratch after a 530 MPH impact, and the subsequent fireball?

Uhh, first you claim that the plane hit the lampposts without suffering any damage, and then when pieces of the plane are found... you claim the existence of debris outside of the pentagon proves it was fake. Yeah, Ok...

Update: By the way, this is one of those "undamaged" lamposts:


At 08 May, 2006 19:05, Blogger Matt Ahern said...

My favorite is the explosions preceeding the falling towers. Of course they do not understand that air has mass and it has to go somewhere. Those "blasts" are simply air finding the points of least resistance ans the falling building pusshes it out.

Like the rest of this piece of garbage titled "Loose Change," the air in the WTT is supposedly as substanceless as this peice of tripe.

At 09 May, 2006 17:24, Blogger HopeSpringsATurtle said...

By the way...where are those rascally wings anyway?...

At 10 May, 2006 13:22, Blogger shawn said...

swim, I think any sane, rational individual would figure the wings were destroyed in the crash ane ensuin explosion.

Then again you're neither sane nor rational, am I correct?

At 02 June, 2007 17:27, Blogger Foco Reactions said...

also, those lampposts are breakaway poles. they are designed to pop out of the ground with a relatively small impact, (exactly as LC describes) to prevent them from being lethal in automobile crashes.


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