Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Sacred Lists

One of the favorite bits of evidence that the "Truthers" like to present are the Sacred Lists.

1. Barbara Olson isn't on the Social Security Death List.
2. The passenger manifests don't include the hijackers.
3. The tail numbers of two of the planes were not retired.
4. The NTSB never investigated the crashes (i.e., they're not on the "list").

It's like these lists are so sacred that people may engage in a conspiracy to kill 3000 of their fellow Americans, but they balk at the idea of changing any of these lists. Can you imagine the conversations?

Bush: Okay, so we'll kill everybody above where the planes don't crash into the World Trade Center, and a buncha folks in the Pentagon. Any loose ends?

Cheney: Well, we're going to have to mark the supposed passengers on the planes as dead on the Social Security Death List.

Bush: We can't do that! That's against the law!


Airline PR man: Sir, the Press is looking for a passenger manifest.

Airline Executive: Here, give them this one.

Airline PR man: Sir, don't you think we should add the hijackers' names to the manifest?

Airline Executive: Tampering with a passenger manifest in the event of a crash is punishable by a $5,000 fine! Go ahead and put it out; only the mentally unstable will notice it.


At 22 July, 2006 19:51, Blogger Kyle said...

Thank you so much for making this site. I have seen the Loose Change video and laughed the whole way through. You guys are true patriots and anyone who thinks that the US govenment would slaughter thousands of its own citizens, deserves to be deported.

At 22 July, 2006 20:42, Blogger Avery Dylan said...

Like, hey man, Barbara Olsen wasn't like collecting Social Security was she?

I mean, like that list is where people got their last check.

At 22 July, 2006 21:11, Blogger Pat said...

Unfortunately we could only deport Dylan back to Oneonta, where he happens to be anyway. :)

At 22 July, 2006 21:35, Blogger Chad said...

While we're listing Obvious Things The Government Missed When Carrying Out The Slaughter Of 3000 Of Its Own Citizens, let's not forget the hijackers that were alive and not in custody.

One would think that framing 19 individuals would be easier if you just used 19 dead Arabs or at least captured and/or murdered them first. "Dead men tell no tales" and all.

But nah... our gov't is gonna go halvsies and let 8 or 9 still wander about just for poops and chuckles.

PS - For all you CTers out there OTTGMWCOTSO3OIOC will be in bookstores this October.

At 23 July, 2006 05:21, Blogger Pepik said...

It is the 9.11 questions movement, not the 9.11 answers movement. They are looking for questions, not answers. Answers are to be avoided.

At 23 July, 2006 06:05, Blogger shawn said...

It is the 9.11 questions movement, not the 9.11 answers movement. They are looking for questions, not answers. Answers are to be avoided.

So it's pretty much Jeopardy.

At 23 July, 2006 06:13, Blogger Avery Dylan said...

Like hey man I'll have
Impossible Physics,

for $2000.

At 23 July, 2006 08:07, Blogger CHF said...

Perhaps the CTers think everyone else is as mentally deranged as they are.

Thus it makes perfect sense for the government to have staged 9/11 yet blame 19 random Arabs whose names don't appear on the flight manifest.

At 23 July, 2006 10:27, Blogger dman said...

No don't send him back to Oneonta!
Its too close to my parents house

Joke in area is that some of the
finest physical ed teachers have
passed through Oneonta State....


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