Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Fashionistas Tout Loose Change

Here's one of the odder blogs (scroll down, permalink seems to be busted) to cover Do-Over Dylan. In the middle of discussions about Jessica Simpson's divine shoes and darling bags from Prada comes this:

According to the 22 year old director and narrator, Dylan Avery, the official government side of things has nothing to do with the truth, and everything to do with the time-honored practice of governments everywhere being ready & willing to sacrifice their own people - should the proles inconveniently interfere with their agenda. Not a conspiracy theorist, Avery explains the rampant popularity of the internet phenomenon he created this way: "There are alternative explanations for what happened, and the American people know they havent been given the whole story." Check out the podcast-interview with Avery at NPR.org & view it for yourself at LooseChange911.com.

Not a conspiracy theorist? Bwahahahahaha!


At 15 August, 2006 08:39, Blogger Avery Dylan said...

Like hey man, wait til I show you the Fiji Mermaid!

At 15 August, 2006 10:35, Blogger Pepik said...

would that be the illuminati controlled NPR or some other one?

At 16 August, 2006 08:19, Blogger Avery Dylan said...


What do you mean you don't need Jason anymore?


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