Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Believing Your Own Press

Here's another example of somebody who apparently believes the nutty poll results that Alex Jones and company cite.

...[J]udging by a number of recent opinion polls, exactly what is the mainstream position of the American public on the government's 9/11 explanation? In a recent CBS poll, only 16% implicitly believed the government's story: 53% believed they are covering up something, and 28% believe they are outright lying, while 3% didn't venture an opinion. An MSNBC poll found 62% of those polled thought that the government were covering up the truth. Although not strictly a scientifically rigorous poll, the sample size was significant, with over 70,000 respondents! If the poll had been done to scientific standards, the percentage of those believing the government story may have been larger.. but it might also have been smaller.... one never knows! A recent CNN poll yielded an extraordinary result, while other polls from Zogby and Scripps have also yielded quite a zing, albeit not quite so spectacular.

As Wayne Gretzky once said, "No". The unscientific polls aren't polls at all. That 83% of the respondents to that CNN vote thought Charlie Sheen was right reflects one thing and one thing alone: That the poll was linked at various Denier sites and a whole bunch of Deniers followed the link and voted. That's why the Scripps Howard poll, which found that about 16% of the people agreed with Controlled Demolition, probably gives us a better estimate of the number of people who are 9-11 Deniers.


At 22 November, 2006 12:01, Blogger Dog Town said...

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At 22 November, 2006 12:01, Blogger Dog Town said...

16% huh, I still am willing to think 25% are retarded. That means 9% of the retarded are too smart to believe this shit!

At 22 November, 2006 12:19, Blogger CHF said...

Hey twoofers: if the public is behind you on demolitions, laser beams, thermite and 757 drones then WHY CAN'T YOU STAGE ANY PROTEST RALLIES?


Why? Because most people answering these polls are thinking "the guv lied about the Iraq links" or "the guv lied about the root causes."

Hell, I would answer YES to a poll that asked if the guv has lied about 9/11. So according to these polls, I'm a twoofer.

At 22 November, 2006 12:37, Blogger apathoid said...

The 16th percentile on the IQ bell curve is about 70 - not retarded, but close. I can believe that 16% of the population are trooofer morons, no problem. Heck, I'm with dogtown - I have no problem with the South Park figure either.

Lyte, Merc, D'oh and LieSpreader1234's recent antics at JREF have only reinforced my theory that 100% of the trooofer population is either stupid or insane(or both)..

At 22 November, 2006 13:12, Blogger The Artistic Macrophage said...

I sat in front of my computer for an hour about 2 months ago and watched the postings over a the old LC Forum. I watched as they encouraged each other to go over the CNN poll and vote numerous times to influence the vote. I even watched them post screen captures as the poll went up to astronomical levels of fallacy.

Pathetic, and undermines what their entire movement supposedly stands for...the "Truth".


At 22 November, 2006 14:09, Blogger CHF said...

I watched as they encouraged each other to go over the CNN poll and vote numerous times to influence the vote. I even watched them post screen captures as the poll went up to astronomical levels of fallacy.

Why would they feel the need to do this if they actually had the support levels that they claim?

BG, PD, Swing...any ideas?

At 22 November, 2006 15:42, Blogger Alex said...

Why? Because manufacturing your own truth is just SO much fun!

At 24 November, 2006 03:03, Blogger Buddy Jesus said...

To say that only 16% are 9/11 deniers because they support the Controlled Demolition-theory is just as bad.

One does not have to be a supporter of that theory to question the official story.

At 24 November, 2006 09:06, Blogger Alex said...

I've yet to meet someone who believed in the conspiracy, but didn't think the WTC was demolished. I suppose that such people might exist, but they'd be pretty damn rare. So, realistically, you could bump that 16% to 17%. Hell, we could be generous and bump it up to 25%. After all, South Park did "scientifically prove" that 25% of people are retarded, so we may as well make the statistics match the science, right? :) Still doesn't mean shit, and it's nowhere close to the more than 80% that these clowns claim.


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