Thursday, November 23, 2006

They Even Lie About Their Own Polls

The Jones Fetzer feud continues. Now Fetzer is even accusing Jones of distorting the results of their own internal poll:

Steve reports here that a "poll" taken on the Scholar's forum showed 60% favored a web site run by a 5-person committee, 32% favored voting on what appears by all members, and 8% favored the current arrangement, where I manage the site with advice from the steering committee. This result might be a bit more impressive if he had observed that only 25 out of some 400 members of the society cast votes, each weighing in at 4%.

Most of Fetzer's post regards their ongoing discussion on pianos falling from the top of the World Trade Center. Hilariously there is apparently a big controversy over what type of piano would be appropriate to throw:

Moreover, Steve biased his argument by using a "baby grand" of abnormal weight rather than a Steinway. This is rather troubling.

Judy Wood even has the following to say about Jones:

SJ: "I teach the physics of air drag forces and concomitant terminal velocity..."

JW: One might remark, It's no wonder they took him out of the

Now I am not one to defend Steven Jones' academic reputation, but this is a bit cheeky coming from someone who couldn't even get picked up for tenure in the first place.

Are these people for real?


At 23 November, 2006 11:56, Blogger The Artistic Macrophage said...

They are either the worst disinfo agents of all time, or they are the nuttiest scientists/scholars of all time.

Either way, they are hillarious to listen to.


At 24 November, 2006 07:52, Blogger Pat said...

So in other words, Uncle Fetzer got two votes out of 25?

And yes, the distinction between the Steinway and a baby grand is hilarious.

At 24 November, 2006 10:54, Blogger James B. said...

Actually the most interesting aspect of this poll is that they claim 400 members, but only 25 are actually active enough to bother and vote on one of the most important issues to face their organization. I often wonder if all the people listed in their member roles actually know they are a member.

At 24 November, 2006 11:28, Blogger The Artistic Macrophage said...

I suspect, truth be known, that the names were probably gotten from an attendance list at a lecture. They probably had a sheet to sign, that cleverly included a "free membership" for "Scholars of 9/11 truth" for attending the conference, just by signing up "here".



At 25 November, 2006 17:46, Blogger Lying_Dylan said...

only 25 out of some 400 members of the society cast votes,


The rest were probably busy looking for Elvis or Bigfoot


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