Thursday, May 03, 2007

Kevin Barrett Calls For Mass Execution of Journalists

First Kevin Barrett said that Fox News employees should be hung. Then he said that the producers of United 93 should be tried for inciting war crimes, now he is expanding his list of those on death row to include just about every journalist in the world, while discussing an e-mail exchange he had with a journalist for Harper’s Magazine:

My response to that was, you know, I think that anybody who has drawn a paycheck from the major mainstream journalistic outlets in the past should be up on the scaffold for the crimes of high treason and crimes against humanity.

This takes place oddly enough, on yet another radio show on "We the People Radio Network", which now appears to be the 72nd Internet radio show hosted by Kevin Barrett on an obscure paranoid network. Barrett is interviewing Adri Mehra, the drama major from the University of Minnesota who wrote that particularly inane editorial, the Jenga Hypothesis. He doesn’t come off any more intelligent on the radio.

Adri, who identifies himself as an Afghani-American, later states that the US war in Afghanistan was waged so Unocal could "run a pipeline through Afghanistan and on to Turkey".

Hello, have you looked at a map lately?

Update: Later in the show Barrett suggests that Senator John McCain should be up there with the others and Mark Roberts:

Having John McCain as the man writing the preface [to the Popular Mechanics book] means he should not be allowed to have any public event without being repeatedly called on his treason and complicity in mass murder, and crimes against humanity. So I think this is one way that we need to send this message out into the wider public sphere.

Uhh, don't worry Kevin, John McCain has been through worse than you could ever dish out.