Sunday, May 06, 2007

Kevin Barrett is Ready to Hand Down Indictments

Kevin Barrett, who apparently left today to hunt down Saudis living in Morocco who have similar names to 9/11 hijackers, comments yesterday on his radio show regarding indictments for treason. If you remember last week, he accused every member of the mainstream media, this week he is a little more specific:

We should be ready to indict the head of the Secret Service in Florida, and Dick Cheney, and perhaps George Bush as well, for this unconstitutional transfer of commander-in-chief authority. In Cheney's case I think we can indict him for that apparent stand-down order as well, as well as all the stuff in Mike Ruppert's book about how Cheney was the convergence guy, or the point man for all those exercises
that have been used to do the 9/11 operation.

It cracks me up how these people think their rumors and twisted logic could somehow be the basis for a legal case. And for the love of God, could someone please explain to me why, if Bush was somehow involved in the attack, he would bother to tell the Secret Service, for no other purpose than to get them to act in a way that would bring suspicion upon themselves? Please, I want to know.