Friday, May 18, 2007

Rob Bishop, Jason Bermas Debriefing

Dylan ended up not doing the show, which wasn't all that surprising. For whatever reason he does not seem to enjoy the debate format, and Jason does, so it's no big deal; I would have accepted the challenge to debate Jason in the first place and it's certainly better than taking on both of them.

Rob was certainly not impartial but he was fair and gave me adequate time to give my responses. I would recommend his show to anybody who's prepared; you will not get cheated. And Jason was cordial while representing his side well; Dylan should definitely consider bringing him on The View.

About the only subject that I didn't have a comeback for was the temperature in the pile as revealed by satellite imaging. I suspect that the answer is that the pile had lots and lots of flammable material inside it, and also had a ready supply of air from underneath via the Path and subways, making the whole pile effectively a charcoal grille.

Update: Excellent explanation here. I'll confess, I got cocky after the first several sets of questions did not seem difficult. I should have remembered to check Debunking 911 and 911 Myths.

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