Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Source of Steven Jones' Dust Samples Revealed to Be....

Janette MacKinlay. Who is Janette MacKinlay, you ask? Well, so did I when I saw that she was being givenstar billing at the 9-11 Non-Accountability Conference out here in Phoenix in February. I know a ridiculous number of people in this movement by now, but I didn't know Janette and all I could figure was that she was some sort of artist and claimed to be a 9-11 Survivor by virtue of having lived nearby the World Trade Center. She was on the Press Conference Panel that Steven Lemons and I badgered, sitting next to Steven Jones.

But I was reading through Steven Jones' paper today after reading the challenge from Alex Jones' flunkies, and just about swallowed my gum when I read the provenance of Steven Jones' dust samples:

The provenience (sic) of the dust sample used in my study is from an apartment at 113 Cedar St. in New York City. This fourth-floor apartment was the residence of Janette MacKinlay and was approximately 100 meters or so from the closest Tower the South Tower.

(snip paragraph)

Janette told me that she had a sense, almost a spiritual or reverential feeling (knowing the origin of the dust) to preserve some of it, which she did, placing dust from her apartment into a plastic bag.

Yeah, I put things I have a reverential feel for into plastic bags as well. Mostly Silver Age comic books.

So now we know where Jones got his dust samples. From a gal selling 9-11 books and art. Provenience might actually be a good word for that, combining provenance and convenience.

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