Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Zeitgeist--Oh My God!

Here's an easy prediction: You'll be ten minutes into the first part of Zeitgeist and you'll be absolutely convinced that I've flipped my lid, that this has nothing to do with 9-11. And then part two starts with David Ray Griffin and you see how it all ties together. The first part is certainly amusing in a "Chariots of the Gods" kind of way; you definitely sense somebody's pulling your leg, but it's still entertaining as hell.

Unfortunately, the 9-11 nuttiness is the same old, same old. Lots of clips of people talking about explosions, lots of talk about all the warnings the administration supposedly received, lots of talk about how the hijackers are alive. Fat Bin Laden gets wheeled out. We hear griping about the Citgo video (apparently the filmmakers are unaware that video has been released). Wally Miller comes in for the usual bit of quote-mining.

Hilariously, they claim there has been "extraordinary secrecy" surrounding the collapse of WTC 7. Yeah, it was so sooper-sekret that they announced it on the BBC prior to the collapse. We get the claims of molten steel, we get the claim that WTC 7 didn't damage other buildings (like Fiterman Hall or the Verizon building). We get the nutty claims that all three buildings collapsed like a classical controlled demolition (then why did the two towers fall apart from the top?).

Haven't watched Part 3 yet.

Update: Part III is the standard "International Bankers suck the blood of the American people" stuff. Tom Foti and Luke Rudkowski would love it. This seems like another college student production; hilariously the narrator pronounces "Colonel" as "cologne-el"; it's "kernel" you dolt! Note as well that the film claims that prior to entering the war, our failure to sell petroleum to Japan was supposedly against the rules of war; but a moment later he's chiding Standard Oil for selling a petroleum additive to the Germans, also prior to our entering the war. We get the usual bits about how the Lusitania got us into World War I (it only took two years after the sinking).

Heheh, they even get into the North American Union nonsense!