Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Greatest Loose Change Forum Post Ever

In reaction to the news that Tom Hanks is doing a miniseries based on a debunking of the JFK conspiracy theories. Our old buddy The Quest (who personally banned James and me the same day we were invited over to the original Looser Forum, what, 13 months ago?) starts things off:

I suspected this guy was one of 'them' after the Apollo movie but THIS? Hanks is retarded.

Dylan remembers a line from the Oliver Stone movie:

Back and to the left.

Hanks speaks like JFK's assasination occurred in a vacuum; Kennedy wanted to get rid of the Federal Reserve and begin pulling troops out of Vietnam. Then there are the assasination of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King. I suppose he honestly believe Sirhan SIrhan killed Bobby?

I can almost guarantee Hanks is CIA.

Heheh, we've heard the crappola about how Kennedy would have pulled the troops from Vietnam; sheer sentimentalism IMHO. And the idea that Kennedy was going to get rid of the Federal Reserve is ludicrous. But of course, Dylan thinks that the last part is the ridiculous part:

Stop right there, Quest.

You're turning a legitimate thread into ridiculousness.

But The Quest is appallingly my age (physically anyway):

Dylan, this is how this stuff works. I'm 52 and wasn't born yesterday. This is how this stuff works. Hanks may not have a 007 attache case but I believe it's quite possible he knows ful well what he's involved with.

Well, you know I checked with inventory, and actually Tom Hanks does have one of our 007 attache cases. But The Quest admits that he's not quite certain, just mostly:

I didn't say he IS in the CIA. I said I can almost gaurantee it. Sorry if you can't see the difference.

Yes, the difference is that you can almost guarantee it, but it's not certain. Remind me not to buy a roof from The Quest.

But the CIA's operatives don't stop there:

Would anyone guess that CNN's Anderson Cooper was CIA?

Yeah, but I've got the accounting codes for CNN shills in front of me.

Chuck Sheen somehow avoids suggesting that everybody watch a video:

CIA has infiltrated so much. No idea if they got to Hanks but I certainly would not doubt it. Wouldn't that make them extremely incompetent infiltrators if not? One fact we know for sure about Hanks; he is a NWO puppet and should be informed quickly.

And it just doesn't let up; it goes on for pages and pages like this.