Monday, June 11, 2007

Has Uncle Fetzer Become the Least Popular Man In 9-11 Denial?

What a difference a year makes. When James and I came upon the scene, Uncle Fetzer was a force to be reckoned with in 9-11 Denial. Now he finds himself on the outs even with the no-planers and ExoW crowd:

Jim Fetzer states that frauds and truth are the same when you have an agenda. He states that inserting lies into a documentary is “artistic license”. This guy wants to claim the government has fabricated evidence and covered up their crimes along with mass media control. He has the nerve to prove it with fabricated evidence and claims its “the best we (911Truth) have”. But when caught fabricating fake evidence Fetzer and Sophia now want to claim “artistic license”. We can’t tell if Sophia is the puppet or Fetzer.

I've always wondered about the Sofia/Hufschmid connection myself; I think Fetzer is supporting 9-11 Mysteries because it is generally considered the best film of the real conspiracy films. But the amusing thing is that Fetzer, who's pretty much been cast out of the mainstream now finds himself cast out of the eddy pool as well. And yet he's probably still one of the major public faces of the movement.