Thursday, June 14, 2007

More On Kevin "Hang 'em All" Barrett

I am continously amazed at the idiocy coming out of Kevin Barrett's mouth. Can one person really be that stupid? Oops, I had better not say that or he might sue me for slander.

In any case, I listened to his interview of Rowland Morgan, the guy who helped convince David Ray Griffin that there were no airfones on Flight 77, on one of his numerous paranoid Internet radio shows. Amazingly Morgan, who hasn't been following closely what David Ray Griffin has been saying, repeats this claim, only to be corrected by Barrett. Morgan than adds that the calls didn't happen for other reasons. This interview is too full of bizarre moments to list all of them, but here are some highlights (if you will).

First of all, Barrett goes on for several minutes on how the 9/11 attacks were designed to emulate the Pearl Harbor attacks based on millions of dollars of focus groups (I am not making this up, I couldn't make this up if I tried), and were designed to minimize casualties. Although Barrett also says that people were told to stay in the south tower to increase casualties, he never quite explains the contradiction.

Morgan and Barrett discuss the State Department response to Morgan's book, found here. He doesn't just stop with criticizing their argument though, but makes his traditional call to hunt down and kill the State Department official behind it, from the 16 minute mark:

The State Department doesn’t know what it is talking about, but what else is new? Frankly I wonder who wrote this for the State Department. We need to find out because they are going to have to go up there on the scaffold with the other people who planned the attacks and more importantly the people who covered them up. The people complicit in the attacks need to be tried, condemned and sentenced.

I am starting to notice a pattern here. I am thinking someone might want to let the Secret Service know about this...

Later, both of them argue that the movies United 93 and Pearl Harbor, were funded by the US intelligence community. Oh come on, if the CIA funded Pearl Harbor, do you really think they would have cast Ben Affleck in the lead? Who writes this stuff?

Of course no troofer radio show would be complete without repeating some unproven and completely illogical myth, such as the repeatedly debunked "air defenses at the Pentagon" story on which Barrett emphatically insists 12 minutes in:

Anyone who wanted to hit the Pentagon with a jetliner, and was stupid enough to think they could do it, given the Pentagon is obviously the best defended building on the planet. You have to have a special transponder, a friendly transponder to get anywhere near it.

Oh really?

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