Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Steven Jones vs Greg Palast

Now I would imagine that the typical left wing truther would agree with Greg Palast on about 90% of the issues, but on 9/11 denial they have as strong of a litmus test as to make the most fervent right-wing pro-life activist jealous. Greg Palast, even though he is a unabashed critique of the current administration, the guy wrote an entire book claiming the 2000 election was stolen for God's sake, has also recently criticized the 9/11 conspiracy movement, specifically Steven Jones.

There's no engineer! You can have ballroom dancers, you can have great actors, you can have poets, you can have physicists, there's a guy, Dr. Jones, his last big theory was that Jesus met with the Mayans after the resurrection. He's a complete fruitcake, and a complete, utter fraud. Mr. Jones, come at me.

Now Jones is hilariously threatening to sue. Can I serve as an expert witness at that trial?

Again, my lawyer friend describes your public remarks on INN on May 10, 2007, as "malicious defamation" and I think he is correct. Do you? You called me a "complete and utter fraud" and a "fruitcake." I maintain that I am of sound mind and not a fraud. However, I invite you to present your substantiation of these claims -- or retract your egregious defamations.

Hey Steve, I have called you way more things than a "complete and utter fraud" and I get no love. Although that Christopher Story guy did threaten to sue me in British court for libel once because of what I wrote on the Leo Wanta nuttiness.

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