Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bollyn is Back

Anti-Semite and 9/11 truther journalist Christopher Bollyn speaks out, giving his first interview since skipping bail after an assault conviction:

Today on the Dale Williams Radio Show, journalist, Christopher Bollyn gave his first interview since being forced into hiding. Mr. Bollyn detailed his struggle after having been beat up and arrested by Homeland Security agents at his home in front of his wife and child. During the attack by police and government agents, Mr Bollyn's elbow was shattered. He was also tazered while agents held him to the ground, putting the full weight of their bodies on his head. Mr. Bollyn's only crime was being an
investigative journalist who questioned the official story behind 9/11 and the links to the cabal who may have carried out the attacks. It is a sad day for America when the head of the Department of Homeland Security, Israeli citizen Michael Chertoff, does not reprimand officers from his own agency who harrass and phsyically harm a journalist. Listen to the entire interview by clicking the link below.

Yeah, right. This is the same guy who couldn't even get his own wife to support his story at the trial.

Another truther who we have been talking about a lot lately, "Captain" Eric May supposedly comes on after him, but I haven't listened to it yet.

Update: The whole hour and a half can pretty much be summed up as "Da Joos did it". May comes off pretty much as a nut. He insists that US deaths in Iraq are understated by over 10,000, including recycling the ridiculous myth that soldiers who are evacuated to other countries, who later die, don't count as casualties. He even believes that 300-500 US soldiers died in a single battle to take the Baghdad airport in which neutron weapons were eventually used. May also buys into the Kevin Barrett myth that the CIA, Mossad and US military regularly carry out bombings to increase the level of violence in the country. At least we get to hear him speak Russian, with his southern accent he sounds like Ross Perot channeling Dostoevsky.


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