Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ryan Mackey Tackles DRG

(Bumped for Sunday Afternoon reading)

This is turning into a rather tough weekend for the Great God Griffin. First, his scheduled talk in Ireland gets sandbagged by its association with Morgan Stack, and now his deconstruction of the NIST report on the collapses of the Twin Towers gets shredded.

This first section closes without Dr. Griffin having raised a single technical criticism, either of his own or produced by any other. Of his five criticisms, three are attempts to shift the burden of proof, one is a gross mischaracterization of a designer’s opinions, and the last is simple well-poisoning. Since there is no technical criticism offered, the burden of proof remains upon Dr. Griffin to demonstrate that NIST’s conclusions about the aircraft impact damage are in any way suspect.

It's long, but extremely well-organized and tightly argued. Highly recommended!

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