Monday, September 17, 2007

Could These People Get Any Stupider?

I know the average truther has the reading comprehension of a 3rd grader with ADD, but I was still left speechless by this post over at 911 Blogger with the headline:

Jeb Bush Declared Martial Law in Florida on 9/7/01

The poster then cites his evidence, from an old article on (emphasis mine):

Sorry if I'm posting old news. I stumbled onto this on the internet and wondered how many others know about it. It seems like a pretty big smoking gun to me.

On Friday, September 7, Jeb Bush signed Florida Executive Order No. 01-261 which states, in part:
"I hereby delegate to The Adjutant General of the State of Florida all necessary authority, within approved budgetary appropriations or grants, to order members of the Florida National Guard into active service, as defined by Section 250.27, Florida Statutes, for the purpose of training to support law-enforcement personnel and emergency-management personnel in the event of civil disturbances or natural disasters and to provide training support to law-enforcement personnel and community-based organizations relating to counter drug operations. This Executive Order shall remain in full force and effect until the earlier of its revocation or June 30, 2003."

Hello! It is a training bill. It says right there in the quote you posted. This has nothing to do with "martial law" it is just an emergency preparedness function carried out by the National Guards of every state in the union. Hell, I have participated in them. Did I miss martial law being declared in Washington State?

Even more amazing is the people in the comments, including that towering intellectual, Dr. Steven Jones, fail to even notice this, and heap praise on the original poster.

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