Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dealing with the Ground Zeroes

Karol of Alarming News reports on her efforts to spread the truth (and not the Truth) at Ground Zero:

As people would walk by, we'd hand them a flyer and say "Read the real, shocking truth about 9/11..." The great majority of people would be frowning at this point. These people work in the area, they walk by the truther idiots every day. I imagine many worked in the area on 9/11. It's sort of hard to tell them wacky stories about explosives in the building or how the government knew but let it happen anyway. " 19 Middle Eastern men flew planes into our buildings and brought down the towers and how it's NOT a government conspiracy." The faces would soften, they'd smile, and people would stop and take one. It was excellent. We got lots of thumbs up from the previously scowling people as they realized we weren't truthers. A lot of people thanked us for being out there. It was really inspiring.

Mary Katherine Ham has pictures and a longer report:

The enthusiastically eyelinered boy on the right of this picture was extra obnoxious. Most of the Truthers spoke in quiet-to-slightly-raised tones with people or silently held signs. This guy yelled into the crowds of commuters and mourners: "If you believe the official story, you're in psychological denial! You're sheep! You are sheep!"

Kevin McCullough was there as well:

Three of the Truthers attempted to engage us endlessly in discussion so as to prevent our unloading the pamphlets - and in part to keep me occupied and prevent my loud-speaker effect from drowning out the Truther dudes who probably had been there the better part of the entire day. Even though there were only about 10 of us and for the most part it was about 7 of us passing the fliers out, we had a blast.

Hat Tip to emailer Bill.

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