Sunday, September 02, 2007

Just Asking Questions

We have commented numerous times before abbout the truthers modus operandi of "just asking questions", while avoiding at any cost providing answers. This is typified so well in this post by Jon Gold on 9/11 Blogger in which he lists all the examples of discussion of the "process of transformation" in the Project for a New American Century document Rebuilding America's Defenses. Finally Mr. Gold asks:

27 times is the "Process Of Transformation" mentioned. Do you think it's something they cared about?

Do you think America's Defenses have undergone a "Process Of Transformation" since 9/11 happened? Considering America's military is now taking part in two wars, and are on the verge of a third, I think it's safe to say that they have.

Isn't it interesting that a lot of the individuals affiliated with the PNAC, like Dick Cheney for instance, are associated with those corporations that would benefit the most from a "Process of Transformation" in America's Military?

Don't you think we, as citizens of these United States, should REALLY take a look at 9/11? Especially when you consider that the very people that called for this "process
of transformation" are still in office today, and have lied to us about everything else?

I think we should. Before it happens again, and the "Process Of Transformation" becomes the "Death Of America."

Gold asks this question, but he never bothers to give the reader any idea what this "process of transformation" is, so how are his readers able to answer it? The implication is that the "process of transformation" has been brought about by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, so this must have something to do with bases in the Middle East and the capability to fight anti-guerrilla wars, right? Well, the guys at PNAC, despite Gold's omission were very exact, and defined this for us, laid out in bold type no less, so we don't have to guess. We don't have to "just ask questions". From page11:

Transformation Force
The fourth element is American force posture - and certainly the one which holds the key to any longer-term hopes to extend the current Pax Americana - is the mission to transform U.S. military forces to meet new geopolitical and technological challenges. While the prime directive for transformation will be to design and deploy a global missile defense system, the effects of information and other advanced technologies promise to revolutionize the nature of conventional armed forces. Moreover, the need to create weapons system optimized for operations in the Pacific theater will create requirements quite distinct from the current generation of systems designed for warfare on the European continent and those new systems like the F-22 fighter that also were developed to meet late-Cold-War needs.

So could someone please explain how this all has been significantly accelerated by the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan? And why exactly did Gold leave this key information out of his post? Is he really seeking answers?


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